This year we celebrate an important date – exactly 300 years ago, on February 8, 1724, the Russian Academy of Sciences was founded. 

    At all times, science has been the driving force of technological progress, the impetus for the development of healthcare. Russian scientists were pioneers in many branches of science. And today, Russian science occupies a leading position in the world, achieving impressive success, including thanks to the support of the President and the national project "Science and Universities". 

    This year is also special for our Center. 50 years ago, the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Molecular Biology was founded, which was later destined to become the Vector State Scientific Center for Virology and Biotechnology. For half a century, the Center's employees have been guarding the biological safety of our country's citizens. 

    On the Day of Russian Science, congratulations are received by academicians, professors, researchers, teachers and graduate students, doctors and candidates of sciences, as well as those who are just beginning the path of scientific search. This is a professional celebration of each of you, your knowledge, innovative ideas and discoveries. 

    Please accept my sincere words of gratitude for your professionalism and dedication to science! I also express my gratitude to everyone who helps scientists to do their difficult but noble work. I sincerely congratulate you on this wonderful holiday and wish you good health, creative inspiration and bold ideas to conquer new scientific heights!

    А.П. Агафонов

    А.П. Агафонов

    генеральный директор «Вектора», д.б.н.

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